Model For Pensive Figure   30 x 40 inches                            

  The red shoes are an important part of some of these paintings. I love to paint them and many of my collectors enjoy them.

  I've done quite a few model paintings. It seems I always have another idea or pose for what I call my "Model Series". The titles usually begin with "Model". Sometimes the model is taking a critical look at the work in progress on the easel. At other times I show the model dressing or undressing or just resting.

​Model For Pink Dress   30 x 40 inches                                       

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Dressing Up    40 x 30 inches 


  Model For Girl With A Bonnet        Image  24 x 18 inches


       As in all my work the gesture and attitude of the figure is very important. We can tell without seeing this girl's face that she is judging the artist's progress so far.